Coming May 2020…

Fire the Foosball Table

Workplace Culture for Real Humans.
Not Plastic Ones.

by Kevin Gosa & Bryan Horvath


We know what you’re thinking.

"Thank Lee Iacoca! Someone finally wrote a book telling me I'm supposed to do something about my Company culture!"

We understand. We’ve been there. Quite literally. We've spent hours and hours in the what may soon be the last Barnes & Noble in NYC… ahem… “half” reading the same books you're thinking of right now. So many stories about other people’s companies piled on top of each other you could fill a skyscraper.

So, your exasperation toward more “advice” about how fix your bad, broken, company culture is justified.

Well this book is NOT one of those long page-stuffed story books.

“Prove it,” You say.


For starters this book about company culture is being written by an award-winning, graduate-music-degree-holding, part-time professional saxophonist, and a mechanical engineer turned craft furniture designer turned touring rock musician turned inventor turned business consultant.

We’re more likely to think about how we can get into the PBA than sign-up for an MBA.

We've spent our entire careers working in the culture sector. Creating culture. Caring for culture. Advocating for culture. Studying culture. Critiquing culture. We hang around avant grade artists, jazz musicians, composers, philosophers, theologians, activists, authors, in addition to business professors, CEOs, hedge fund managers, teachers, and others.

For years we worked to see civic, business, and arts leaders understand the importance and substance of good culture.

And the fruit of that endeavor is here in these pages.

Need more? Check out the table of contents…


Why Care?

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 6.04.42 PM.png

Every company is affected by its workplace culture 100% of the time.

People are loyal to culture not strategy
— Fire The Foosball Table Proverb


When a company’s values are “known and understood,” employees are 51 times more likely to be fully engaged. (Modern Survey)

Bryan and Kevin are at the creative
forefront of thinking about corporate culture.
— Dr. Mark Meehan, M.B.A., Ph.D, Rivier University

About the Authors

A saxophonist & an engineer walk into the boardroom...

Kevin Gosa Headshot.jpg

Gifted in both gab and garb.

Kevin Gosa

Saxophonist. Poet. Possibility Engineer. Writer. Coder. Jayhawk. Armchair Philosopher. Menswear Enthusiast. Cyclist. Part-time Know-It-All.

For 20 years, Kevin has played saxophone all over the world—from Texas to Thailand. Influenced by this and his Master’s of Music degree, he’s brought unique insight to strategic challenges at organizations for over 10 years. He has lectured at MIT and Baylor University, led international conferences, published poetry, written essays on post-modernism in Latin-American politics, co-hosted a technology and culture podcast, and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 90 seconds. He and his wife oversee the developing rowdiness of his two boys in Jersey City.

Bryan Horvath Headshot.jpg

Can fit a V8 into a shoebox.

Bryan Horvath

Long-time Executive Director. Mechanical Engineer. Inventor. Semi-pro Cake Decorator. Management Consultant. Home-brewer. Songwriter. Rockstar. Possibility Engineer.

Bryan has advised executives both domestically and internationally. His background gives him a distinct perspective that helps organizations connect vision to strategy, and strategy to action. He specializes in distilling complex problems and systems into simple language that allows people to get to work on the core mission. He directed an international arts organization, engineered Cadillacs for GM, launched an indie record label, and even licensed his own inventions. He and his wife, author L.A. Chandlar, live in New York City and manage to keep two rowdy boys on the straight and narrow.


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